• To provide awareness about the importance of mental health in all segments of society,

  • To provide preventive and therapeutic health services in the field of Mental Health Diseases and Neurology at the highest level reached by medicine,

  • To conduct academic and scientific research,

  • To follow new data and applications and support their development,

  • To train competent health professionals in the field.


  • To be an academic health institution that,

  • Aims to maximize employee satisfaction with the slogan of “happy patient and happy employee”,

  • Makes it easier for people to receive services without fear of stigma and social isolation,

  • Allows all kinds of innovations.

 Our Quality Policy

  • To provide quality, principled and reliable health service by keeping patient and employee safety at the primary plan, and to increase patient and employee satisfaction by providing continuous improvement and recovery.

Our Basic Values

  • Complying with universal health principles and ethical rules

  • Providing honest, reliable and accessible health care

  • Being respectful to patient, employee and human rights

  • Giving importance to teamwork and inter-institutional cooperation

  • Being participatory, transparent and sharing

  • Making priority to science and education