Psychotherapy Center

Psychotherapy Center:

  • Psychotherapy Center which serves in a separate building within the hospital, was opened in 2012. Patients with chronic depression and anxiety disorders, personality disorders and trauma-related disorders are mostly followed up in this center.
  • Patients are referred to our center from psychiatry outpatient clinics. As a result of the assesments, the needs and expectations of the patient are tried to be understood and recorded in the appropriate program.
  • In our center, there are 1 full time associate professor, 3 specialist psychiatrists, 2 specialist psychologists, 2 psychiatric nurses, 1 social service specialist and psychiatry trainees who are trained in various psychotherapy methods. In addition, other doctors in our hospital can see patients in our center at certain times.
  • The Center also has a Sexual Disorders Unit for patients with Sexual Dysfunction.

Programs in Erenköy Psychotherapy Center:

- Individual Therapies, Interaction Groups, Specific Groups

  • Individual therapy sessions are offered to patients with various complaints where patients come once a week or once every 2 weeks.
  • Interaction groups performed once a week, analytical group therapies, Spesific groups (for grief, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, trauma-related disorders and so on) may be opened from time to time according to need.
  • An open group continues for relatives of patients with severe psychiatric disorders.

- Day Therapy Program

  • In the light of recent developments in psychiatry, daytime therapy programs in Europe have become widespread and have increased in the last 20 years. An intersive program which usually continues as a group sessions once a week or more. Patients join several different groups on each day. Groups vary in size, structure, purpose and process. Different groups are integrated and provide synergy. Patients benefit from working with many people from the team of treatment and with many patients.
  • The Day Therapy Program starts twice a year, on October and April. Patients are taken to an intensive program where they attend 3 days a week to interaction groups, art therapy groups, psychodrama groups, cinema assisted therapy and individual therapy for 6 months. In the next 6 months, the program continues with 1 interaction group per week and 1 individual therapy every 2 weeks.