Microbiology and Biochemistry Loboratory

Microbiology and Biochemistry Laboratory:

  • All the examinations in the Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratories of our hospital are carried out in advanced devices by experienced laboratories under the supervision of specialist physicians.
  • Follow-up of the effectiveness and side effects of the treatment by performing various body samples (blood, urine, stool) analyzes in laboratories provides insight to clinicians in the diagnosis.
  • Blood count, sedimentation, ASO, CRP, RF, bleeding and coagulation time, blood group, pregnancy test, Hepatitis and HIV tests, Syphilis test and parasitology tests are performed in the microbiology laboratory. Premarital tests are also performed.
  • In the biochemistry laboratory, routine biochemistry tests, hormone tests, drug and drug tests, liver and kidney function tests, lipid profile, urine tests and stool tests are performed.