Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep Disorders Center:

If you have sleep disorder or after being examined by a doctor, if your doctor has thought of sleep disorder and referred to any center, we will evaluate our qualified patients in our specialized sleep branch outpatient clinic. Appointments are made via the Alo 182-Central Hospital Appointment System or the Internet (

Our sleep disorder clinic is open on weekdays (except Monday morning) between 08.30 - 16.30. Sleep tests are planned for the patients deemed appropriate after evaluations and consultations carried out by specialist or specialty students in sleep special branch outpatient clinics. It should not be forgotten that sleep complaints are not only seen in sleep disorders but can be related to many other diseases and conditions. Our center is in a careful arrangement to ensure that the appointment times are as soon as possible.

If the Sleep Test(s) is planned [Sleep Tests performed in our Center; Polysomnography, Polysomnography and EEG, Polysomnography and PAP titration, Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)];

Sleep Disorders Center

In order to make the diagnosis many sleep-related disorders, a test called polysomnography (sometimes referred to as PSG) is known as a sleep test. You will need to stay one night in our sleep lab for this test. Our sleep laboratory has 7 beds at the bottom and 4 beds at the top. Our sleep laboratory is a safe center where physical features such as sound, light and temperature are provided, single rooms are special, linens and other room accessories are cleaned every day and technicians are available every night. During the test, electrodes and cables will be placed in your body to record some of your bodily reactions during sleep, and a thin plastic tube will be attached to the outside of your nose to record changes in airflow. After the placement of the recording devices, all your physical functions in sleep will be recorded on the computer. Our sleep laboratory is accredited to demonstrate the adequacy and suitability of the above-mentioned procedures.

Sleep Disorders Centerprovides diagnosis and treatment for all sleep disorders. In the sleep center, long-term wakefulness and sleep video EEG monitoring, polysomnographic recordings for diagnosis and treatment of sleep breathing disorders are performed.

  • Snoring

  • Sleep Terror

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Insomnia

  • Complaints of not falling asleep

  • Failure to maintain sleep

  • Periodic restless leg movements

  • Behavior disorder in dream

  • Sleep eating behavior

  • The problem of walking during sleep

  • Excessive sleep etc. those who have complaints can get help from this center.

  Polysomnography is performed in the diagnosis of these complaints. Polysomnography is the general name of techniques used in sleep laboratories to detect sleep disorders.

  Examination and treatment procedures and examination of the records are carried out with the joint work of many disciplines and patients are given the opportunity to diagnose and treat.

  In addition to patients from the Social Security Institution, all paid patients can benefit from our center. In order to serve you better and get a healthy records in our laboratory, we want to remind you some details. Please read the list below.

  • Set yourself to be in the sleep center at 20:00 on the evening of the procedure.
  • When you enter the hospital, you should register at the emergency room’s officer by using the emergency door of the campus (Bayar Street).
  • Do not sleep during the day, on the day of the procedure.
  • Do not consume beverages that may affect your sleep such as alcohol, tea, coffee, cola etc. after 1.00 pm
  • Have your regular dinner before you come.
  • If you have medications you should use unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
  • Inform the secretary in case of nasal congestion such as influenza or flu. Since your record will not be healthy, your appointment should be changed to the nearest appropriate date
  • Companion is not accepted as long as there is no exceptional situation as it may impair the sleep quality.
  • Your hair should be clean for the record quality. (you should not use hair gel, spray etc.)
  • Male patients should beardless and female patients should not have makeup and nail polish for the record quality.
  • Do not forget to have PJs, slippers, towels/towel paper and the amount of water with you.
  • Sheets and covers are changed daily. If you like, you can bring your personal belongings such as bed linen, pillows etc.
  • The sleep center secretary will contact you when your results are reported.
  • Please note that you will be called for the approval of your appointment. The appointment may be canceled if you are unavailable.

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