Patinet Obligations

Patient Obligations

  • It is the responsibility of the patient and his / her relatives to accurately convey the patient’s information to the persons who are directly responsible for the treatment and care of thepatient, since the evaluation of the health information of the patient and his / her relatives is necessary in providing diagnosis and treatment.
  • When patients and their relatives have difficulty understanding the diagnosis and treatment, they should report this to the person responsible for the care of the patient and ask all questions that come to mind.
  • Patient should inform the institution, if the basic information such as name, surname, address, telephone, registration number changes.
  • The patient and his / her relatives should stick to the appointment time and prevent delays and in case of delay they should assist the institution by ensuring that other patients are examined first.
  • The financial responsibility of the health care service of the patient and his / her relatives or the matters related to the health assurance system belongs to the patient and his / her relatives.
  • Patients and their relatives should take into consideration the rights of other patients and health care workers.