Companion Guide

Neurology Clinic Companion Guide

  • Companion is accepted only in neurology clinic in our hospital.
  • Companions should keep their identification cards constantly.
  • Companions can not take their patients out of the service, change their bed or room unless requested by the concerned physician or nurse.
  • Clinic nurses will be informed about the companion changes.
  • Companions can not make any therapeutic application to the patient unless physician or nurse give order.
  • Companions can not sit on the patient beds, speak loudly in the patient rooms and corridors and disturb employees and other patients.
  • Televisions can be used in a way that does not disturb others ande should be turned off at doctor visit hours and after 10 pm.
  • Companions should inform the nurse if there is any problem with their patients.
  • Other patients should not be disturbed, unnecessary and curious questions should not be asked during the accompaniment, patient privacy should be respected.
  • Discouraging words and behaviors should be avoided to the patients during the accompaniment.
  • Companions can not use tobacco and alcohol in the hospital.
  • Foodstuff can not be kept in the patients rooms. Companions can not give any food-drink to the patient without consulting the physician or nurse.
  • Foods that may be necessary in the diet of the patients should be given to the service nurse and kept as packaged in the office refrigerator and the patient’s name must be written on it.
  • The patient cupboards should not contain any excess material.
  • Patients and companions are responsible for their personal belongings. They should take care not to have too much money and valuable goods with them.
  • Patient rooms should not be dispersed. Keeping the room clean and tidy is important for the patient's health.
  • Flowers should not be kept in the patient rooms as they are inconvenient for the health of the patient.
  • Companions should not ask for help from people they do not know and should not trust other than the hospital staff.
  • Companions should keep the hospital belongings clean and tidy. The companion who damages the hospital property will cover the damage.
  • Companions should follow hospital rules. In case of violation, the accompaniment of the person will not be accepted.