ÇEMATEM Inpatient Clinic

ÇEMATEM Inpatient Clinic

ÇEMATEM (Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center) Inpatient Clinic has been providing services for children/adolescents (under 18 years of age) with 12 beds since February 2018. It is the first ÇEMATEM on the Anatolian side and It was opened in Istanbul within the scope of child psychiatry.

ÇEMATEM Inpatient Clinic Program

- Morning meetings, clinical visits and psychoeducation are conducted in the clinic to make the treatment of patients more effective.

- Morning Meeting is held on both floors between 09.00-09.30 every day of the week. The aim of the morning meetings is to support the patient's sharing of how the previous days passed, the important events and the problems in the clinic, their plans for today and how they feel today.

- SAMBA (Cigarette, Alcohol and Substance Addiction Treatment Program) is administered by psychologists as a psychoeducation group every day of the week. In these psychoeducation groups, awareness is made about the addiction process and the patients share their accompanying experiences.

- During the clinical visits, the treatment process of the patient is evaluated with the participation of the treatment team on certain days of the week. At these visits, individual follow-up of the patients after discharge is planned.

- In the rehabilitation activities, painting, ceramic, mosaic and sports lessons are given by the instructors assigned by the Public Education Directorate every day of the week.

ADDRESS: 19 Mayıs, Sinan Ercan Street, No:29 Kazasker, 34736 Erenköy/Kadıköy/İSTANBUL

PHONE NUMBER: +90 216 302 59 59    Internal Line: 773