Sleep Disorders Center

Sleep Disorders Polyclinic:

Our sleep disorder clinic is open on weekdays (except Monday morning) between 08.30 - 16.30. 

Sleep Disorders Center:

Sleep Disorders Centerprovides diagnosis and treatment for all sleep disorders. In the sleep center, long-term wakefulness and sleep video EEG monitoring, polysomnographic recordings for diagnosis and treatment of sleep breathing disorders are performed.

  • Snoring
  • Sleep Terror
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Insomnia
  • Complaints of not falling asleep
  • Failure to maintain sleep
  • Periodic restless leg movements
  • Behavior disorder in dream
  • Sleep eating behavior
  • The problem of walking during sleep
  • Excessive sleep etc. those who have complaints can get help from this center.

Polysomnography is performed in the diagnosis of these complaints. Polysomnography is the general name of techniques used in sleep laboratories to detect sleep disorders.

Examination and treatment procedures and examination of the records are carried out with the joint work of many disciplines and patients are given the opportunity to diagnose and treat.

In addition to patients from the Social Security Institution, all paid patients can benefit from our center.

Sleep Tests:

  • Polysomnography
  • Polysomnography and EEG
  • Polysomnography and PAP titration
  • Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT)