Discharged Procedures

Dicharge Infotmation etc..

1-The decision to discharge is made by a specialist physician or clinic chief. In the clinical visits, patient records, observations, treatment team, the patient himself and his relatives are given in accordance with the views.

2- In addition to those mentioned above, first-degree relatives or legal guardians may request the patient to be discharged with surety and the patient may be discharged if there is no legal disadvantage

3- The patient's physicians complete an epicrisis document and prescription, which is a summary of the patient's hospitalization process and includes information on the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

4-The nurse provides the necessary training for the patient to be aware of after discharge and the necessary medication.

5- Social Security Institution covers the treatment costs of patients, paid patients who do not have social security after paying the hospital cashier and prescriptions and epicrisis documents are given to them.

6-Valuable items that are on the patient's admission and delivered to him are delivered to him.

7- If the patient is given a rest report, he / she is directed to the Health Service or the Health Committee for the necessary arrangement.